Breathe life into your saber with a custom soundboard install! Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding the custom install process! 

If you would like to discuss a custom install you may contact us here!

Q: What is the average lead time?
A: Average lead time is approximately 1-2 months, but varies by season and complexity. 

Q: Do I need to provide my own parts?
A: Up to you! If you have all the parts already, even better. If you still need to purchase parts; I can provide an itemized list of parts/vendors for you purchase and ship directly to me OR I can invoice you for parts and purchase on my end. There is no additional fee for me to assist with this 

Q: What are my Chassis options?
A: Kessel Custom Sabers LLC. is well equipped to design, print and install a custom chassis to house your install. However, depending on build specifications, it is permissible that a chassis from a credible third party be sourced and used for the build.

Q: Are there any fees due upfront?
A: Yes! The only upfront cost is the cost of parts (non-refundable). The previously discussed labor rate is only due AFTER the saber is completed. 

Q: Can you add custom sound fonts to my saber prior to shipping?
A: Yes! However, in order to combat font piracy, you must provide proof of purchase for each sound font you are requesting to be added to your saber. Proffieboard/CFX installs are limited to 10 additional fonts. 

Q: Does my custom install include a customized Proffieboard configuration file? 
A: Yes! All Proffieboard installs include a custom configuration file specific to your build. These files feature PRE-EXISITNG blade styles/profiles readily available. For custom blade styles, it is recommended that you research/source somebody that can create ground-up blade styles. 

Q: Can I cancel a commission?
A: Yes! This of course is on a case-by-case basis. Kessel Custom Sabers LLC. understands there may be times of financial hardship and offers a few options: 
Partial Payment: If services of any kind have been rendered and you are unable to make a full payment, a payment plan can be discussed as to mitigate any financial strain to you. The item(s) will be held until full balance due has been paid. 
Property Returned w/Purchased Parts: Should the need arise, and if work has not begun on your custom install, Kessel Custom Sabers LLC. will return your saber along with any parts purchased with your non-refundable cost of parts deposit.
Consignment Sale: If you are facing financial hardship and are in need of financial assistance, your saber may be completed and sold on behalf of the client by Kessel Custom Sabers LLC. The saber will be listed for sale at an agreed upon price such that Kessel Custom Sabers LLC. will be compensated for any services rendered and cost of shipping/handling. The difference will be paid to customer.

Q: What are my payment options?
A: PayPal goods and services is the preferred method of payment for any labor fees or cost of parts. However, your labor rate may be paid via the soundboard install labor product page as well. Cost of parts will always be invoiced manually via PayPal goods and service