"Serenity" Production Updates


Preorders have concluded and invoices have been sent! Please be sure to check emails/spam folders for the invoice notification from PayPal.
As promised; those who preordered will receive $25 USD off the slated retail price, limited edition T-Shirt, and a copy the "Serenity" sound font.
You can view the original announcement HERE

Here is a brief overview of what we can expect during the coming months:

- Production deposit will be paid on September 12th (as to give any folks who have not paid their invoices time to do so) and production will begin.

- It will be around 30 days for the initial prototype to be made. Myself and Mr. Day from Phoenix Props will each receive a prototype for review and final '"ok". During this time I will be ordering TheTacoShop master chassis and designing the economy chassis for those who prefer a simpler install. 

I will be sharing install pictures on my various social media accounts for you all to enjoy with anticipation. Similarly; between the prototype phase and production phase will reveal the box art design as well as open up install sign-ups for the run.

- Following the prototype phase; it will be approx. 60 days for production to conclude. At which time, I will receive the final production units, do a thorough quality control check, and begin invoicing/shipping out orders to those who preordered.

Any remaining units will be put up on the online store for purchase as installed or empty, and be available to direct ship to Ng Sabers or Royal Custom Armory for customization if you so desire. 

I will continue to post updates here and work diligently to update you all of any production schedule deviations. Thank you all for the support! MTFBWY...Always


First of many updates! Production deposit was paid on 09/12, right on schedule! Production has officially commenced! Prototype should arrive in about a month!
Thanks to the dedicated work of Christian Cruz, we now have the official box art! Each Serenity hilt will include this awesome collectors box! 
I am so pleased with how this came out, and I will be sticking to a similar theme across all artisan sabers as we continue to produce designs. Take a look! 
Stay tuned to this page for updates! Until then, MTFBWY!


Apologies for not updating this page! There were many delays, but I am proud to present the first functioning prototypes!! Install and demo is slated for the week of 12/4/23!
Preorders will reopen Thursday Night (12/7) 


Late preorders have re-opened via the website! Production continues with some minor quality of life changes. (See Below)
Changes from prototype to final production: 

- Acrylic lens: Thickness for this piece has been doubled to allow for ease of install and better light diffusion

- D-Ring: D-ring opening has been increased for ease of install on pommel

- No more brushed finish: In order to ensure that kits look and feel amazing out the box, we have opted out of our factory's "brushed" finished in lieu of their "as-machined" finish.

The prototype (shown below) has been installed and looks and feels great. 

Stay Tuned to the page for more updates!