Soundboard Installation Labor (ADVANCED)

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Payment option for ADVANCED custom saber installation services. Parts/Materials is invoiced manually, separate from any labor dues. 

Please contact Kessel Custom Sabers LLC prior to checkout to ensure the correct payment option is selected for any/all install services rendered. 

***Please note: Paying early does not bump you up in the queue. You will still be subject to the previously agreed to lead time for your install. It is recommended/preferred that labor only be paid after the install is completed***


What is an ADVANCED soundboard install?

Any soundboard install that requires additional labor and falls outside of the BASIC/NORMAL criteria for a soundboard install.


Criteria Required:

- Generally, a soundboard install that utilizes a high-end, metal, or crystal chamber chassis. (i.e. Goth3Designs "Master Chassis" or similar)

***Includes PLA printed chassis(s) with crystal chambers, and crystal chamber chassis for hilts that typically do not accommodate such a feature, preexisting OR designed by Kessel Custom Sabers LLC***

- Empty Hilts with simplified internal diameters. MUST BE INSTALL-READY


What's included?

- Install Labor (CFX, Proffieboard, Golden Harvest, Verso)

- Chassis Design/Print (only for designs from Kessel Custom Sabers LLC)

- Cutting, filing, sanding of any metal/3D printed parts, rods, tubes, etc.

- Misc. quality of life improvements (switch hole drilling, retention screw drilling/tapping, and Quartz cutting/shaping, etc.)

- Proffieboard Configuration Assistance (Max 10 additional fonts, must show proof of purchase)

- Quality control testing prior to shipping


What's NOT included?

- Parts/Materials (invoiced separately upon initial agreement to receive services)

- Specialty 3D printer filament (chassis printed in color loaded into 3D printer at time of install, unless otherwise requested)

- Weathering/Polishing

- Custom machining (outsourced if need be) 

- Shipping to any outsourced services (Powder coating, Machining, Acid Etching, etc.)

- Return Shipping (determined by weight and zip code)